Vpon 威朋獲香港「大中華最值得信賴的行動廣告解決方案」殊榮

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香港最有價值企業(Hong Kong’s Most Valuable Companies),是被譽為商業奧斯卡獎的香港年度企業大獎,為企業對香港做出的有益貢獻給予肯定。

Mediazone Group 今年於九龍海逸君綽酒店,頒發年度獎項給香港本地的企業菁英。

Vpon 獲得其中「大中華地區最值得信賴的行動廣告解決方案(Greater China’s Most Trusted Mobile Advertising Solutions)」殊榮,歸功於公司帶動的產業業績、良好的企業承諾、備受推崇的專業技術及創新解決方案。

事業開發經理 Oliver Lau 在接獲獎項時,與所有獲獎者分享 Vpon 的願景:

「It’s the first year Vpon extends its regional footprint from greater China regions including Hong Kong to Japan and we just have our new office in Tokyo two months ago, and we are expecting further expansion to cover the whole Asia traffic. Along with the huge revolution in mobile advertisement, we will continue to propel a “smart" change by launching new Demand Side Platform along with our current advertisement network to deliver innovative ads to all mobile smartphone, thank you! Once again, thanks for the trust from all our business partners and also our advertisers.


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